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what if ive already killed carver? its closed, right? no exp for this?
I was wondering if there was a way to frame someone else for the murders. I've discovered it was the cook who's been killing the magisters and making her special stew, but i was not exactly opposed to magisters dying, despite the disgusting method. Stewart struck me as a bit of a patriot (and a chode), and I noticed there was a dialogue option with him about himself potentially appearing suspicious. Would it be possible to frame Stewart for the murders, clearing the name of the suspect, the cook and getting rid of a patriot all in one swoop?
Stewart is a creep! Worse, he’s a credit stealing, mopey whiney little self-loathing *****. He deserves the Magisters, and they him. So, not wanting to loose out on the reward I accomplished both. While having a conversation using Fane reporting the criminal, I simultaneously told Stewart who the culprit was. Right before telling Stewart if I took credit, I did and took the reward. Before finishing out of the conversation with Carver I finished telling Stewart I didn’t take credit. This allows Stewart to take credit, be a blight to the Magisters and I still get the reward! lol
When Carver sends Bellsworth to her doom, you can save Bellsworth if you run ahead of her and kill the cook, use after you save her, use Red prince to get the hidden dialogue. Her expression is lol...
Hidden dialogue
Silence of the la...elves - you can report her, get the loot, vent your frustration for ratting out someone and attack the magister and his assistant for telling you're a ****** elf. Mari pruitt and her boy will not join the fight, not tell anyone and the magisters in town won't care. job done
Guess she knows magisters are ******* lol.



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For some reason, when I show her either piece of evidence she just attacks me with no further dialogue choices.