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so was wondering if this happened to anyone else... but I've been playing this game blind (being my first time ever, thanks for getting me into the series Bloodborne) and I was just running around grabbing the items thrown around the arena, healing when it was needed... so found the path to where you are suppose to "plunge" or whatever... I get to top of one of the towers where the big Axe snake dude is... and did my 1v1 with him and after killing him the Ancient wyvern just died... and I don't know what happened can anyone confirm any kind of weird bugs or a dragon that DIES falling into the sky??
Just had the same thing happen to me have no idea how It died
Sometimes the Wyvern just slides off the map after doing his flame breath on that area. Super lame.
As with everything else that isn't immune to poison/toxic, the Poison Spores from the Storyteller's Staff tear this "boss" apart.
just keep moving behind its legs and smack the base of the tail safest option and very easy with over head attacks like the Greatsword. Alternatively, you can run straight under and past it, go to the raised bell platform, then do a sprinting jump and quick plunge attack to instantly land on his head and kill him. This takes either great timing or pure luck.
Harder version of Midir