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Killed it with hammer ... in 40 minutes ... regrets were made
Am I the only one who thinks that this bad boi uses the same (or at least a very similar) skeleton as Valstrax ? With the seperated wings that can fold forwards and are movable independently ? Some of his attacks are also fairly similar: like the wing smash. Imo we might be seeing rocket boi later down the line
You should update this so that it has info on both phases of the fight. They have separate weak spots and weaknesses. You can press Triangle to toggle between the two forms on the Hunter Info page.
This guy, fittingly, has many similarities with Xeno'jiiva. Segmented wings, large beam attacks, and even very similar body structure. Their legs in particular are almost identical. To me it looks like Ishvalda is some sort of young Xeno'jiiva or something. It's all pale and its eyes are closed most of the time, like many newborn mammals. Only issue with this theory is that the Xeno'jiiva in the story was witnessed being born, so it's likely that the Xeno'jiiva we fight in game are probably newborns. I'm sure I'm not the first person to think of this, but I thought it was cool.
It could be some sort of cocoon that turn's it into what we know as Xeno'Jiva? perhaps after long enough undisturbed, the shell around it transforms the environment into one similar of the elder's recess and after however long out pops a xeno, so technically you could say it is born again.
its just jhen mohran and valfalk combined
His heads breakable twice in the second phase seconds break being a harvest able piece which no one here has mentioned meaning none have done it yet. Getting it in the reward bow after only breaking his head once is like a 5% chance at best.
To the editor: please update that you need to have two head breaks to get a tender plate and it you get this 100% of the time. Ive farmed this 6 times already with HBG. this item should be 5 stars as you get two tender plates every time
I spent 30 minutes doing nothing but claw/wound attacking his face and it still always only breaks once in the second phase, I've killed it nearly ten times with different builds. It just wont break... and yeah I'm using part breaker 3.
Go with hammer Partbreaker 3, keep clutching after successful charged hits to have a wound and knock down and capitalize on it I found it works very well
I broke it's head twice and got nothing, so there is RNG. it's not 100%



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Can someone please add the alternate physiology diagram?
There isn’t one.
Would be nice to know both phase's hp.
How do I defeat this thing? Using the Velkhana LS and still took a long time to get to low health, only to get triple carted.
Die less, problem solved
Wow, so helpful
Go for the tail. Soften that before. Use temporary and vitality mantle once at the beginning of the match and once when he makes that sand pools that make you flinch
I would recommend just going in with x3 stun resist, and one mirewalker gem so the sand doesnt effect you anymore. I personally had a hilariously easy time using the bow, so if you can I would go in with a good ice bow- i used velkhanas. [His wings are the weak spot for bows, and dumb easy to hit]