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Barroth shredder III also needs the gem and would be good to get with a dmg of 960 with only a rarity of 6
Mythic Kadachi Striker uses the gem
Just carved one from High Rank Radobaan tail
need it for Freeze Chain II
You also need this for augmenting armor!
Why is this saying Kadachi drops a wyvern gem? It's not even on the HR rewards page.
Yeah it is
i can confirm that kadachi does drop wyvern gems
Now the Wyvern Ignition "Impact" Greatsword uses one. This is the upgraded version of the community greatsword introduced with the new event
The other night I killed 12 high rank barroth (3 captured and 9 slayed) but not gem at all...I mean I can kill one in 5 mins but that is just painful.
I hunted about 10 barroths and got zero nothing
I hunted Radobaan 2 times , and got 2 gems
(you may need to cut the tail and break the head and still maybe it is not guaranteed)
there is another way to get the gems , by going to the elder melder
you will need Gold Wyverian Print , you can get it from completing limited bounties given by Resource Center
Good Hunting.
I got one from my second radoban