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Why is there a 3 piece set with a hat? has anyone found it yet?
Dont blame me if im wrong but i think i found it right at the start. just after the tutorial there was some kind of little crawlspace behind a wooden shelf i dont exactly know where it. i only remember it was next to a staircase.
*Addition* probably a bit later than just after the turorial ... i cant really remember i will take a look again when im at home
*Addition* I got that armor outside ward 13, in the room you get the ward 13 keycard just there's a passage covered by a bookself (Still not sure if it really was the hat)
I'm pretty sure you got the Drifter set in that hole, not Adventurer
Hilarious that you can't actually get skill level 3 for this armor set because there is no headpiece.
there is, you just havent tried hard enough in survival yet. goggles are acquired through defeating 5 bosses. in one run of survival.
Defeating 5 bosses in Survival is easy enough though goggles as a reward is kind of disappointing
Why did the hat have to be in the bloody dlc