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Okay yeah I did say that I would do Dragon Doggo but eh... I have to much hype for this boi right here, ANYWAYS greetings it's me again back for some useless stuff no one cares about but I do it anyways for some reason... Alright lets just get strait into this sword tail boi. Well we know jack***** about everything but the monster itself, by that I mean we have no Information on weapons, armor, and everything else in that category, all we know is that this boi lives in the rotten vale, he likes killing Girros, his tail is toxic as *****, and that HELLBLADE GLAVENUS would be upset if he saw this in Iceborne and not him. Alright now time for some speculation, well for starters we know how he fights, thanks to Comic Con told us quite a bit about the monster and how he works. First off his tail, so it has three "phases", a sharpened state which he will start the fight off with, then a normal state which is like normal Glavenus moves, then we get to the sulphuric state in which his tail becomes infused with sulphur to burn your *** with no mercy... be weary when he sharpens btw. Now for some weaknesses, I think Dragon or maybe Ice will be most useful here but again who *****in knows, for aliments I think that nothing will be the most effective on him but the most effective would be Blast or Para. Alright then that is all I have to list off, if I missed something then just say something, that's about it, now I will do the new Elder Dragons sometime but we know so little about them so Ill just wait until more info is passed around, next will be the Dragon type Doggo so look out for that if you are for some reason interested watching me ramble on for like five minutes. (also I will touch on the leaks surrounding the nerfs and buffs of abilities and weapons and also some monster leaks sometime in the near future so that's nice...)
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please add in Monster Solid bone as reward thank you
Does the Acidic Glavenus drop Mantles?



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The weapons this thing makes are extremely underwhelming. I sure hope they can inflict defense down because otherwise they are just an insult compared to other weapons.
Actually the Greatsword it makes is one of (if not the) best in the game
are you high?? the Acidic Glavenous weapons have the highest attack ratings for every single weapon type, so much so that my friend on the hunting horn was using the acidic Glavenous horn and actually doing very impressive damage output, akin to that of a hammer or greatsword