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How do you get these? I've only gotten shards from tempered monsters



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I don't know if it's true or not because I don't have the means of verifying yet. But talk is that it comes from mining spots in a level 7 guiding lands area.
Ive gotten several. Can confirm they come from tempered monsters as a rare drop or carve in the guiding lands. Tempered monsters will start appearing there after you complete the MR 49 quest and level a region up to 4+.
i dont like the fact that these must-have materials are locked to a single location, the reason i've played World for 500h was because i was constantly traveling around the new world looking for monster tracks, tempered monsters, and fighting different elder dragons across the region now there's NO reason to EVER leave the Guiding Lands because EVERYTHING is there! Capcom wants you to live there for the rest of eternity There isn't a single reason to ever fight any tempered monster ever again anywhere EXCEPT in the Guiding Lands, they literally give you NOTHING exclusive otherwise, i hate it that tempered Banbaro? cool lets go! oh its in the elders recess?...oh...well...***** it then?
which also means that tempered investigations are COMPLETELY WORTHLESS NOW, it absolutely must be in the Guiding lands or else you're completely wasting your time
You can only get these by doing things that give them to you??? Doesnt take a rocket surgeon to figure that out. DUH.