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If you fail to kill the boss after doing the lullaby, you lose the ability to gain the melee weapon.
Literally done 15 playthroughs and have yet to see this boss at the end... What the ***** is up with his spawn rate
yeah... I got 7 totem fathers in a roll
Very easy boss. Much easier than Totem Father. In my experience anyway.
has anyone actually gotten him on normal, i got him first try on hard
Yep, received him on normal, and now on Nightmare.
I just did the Lullaby and he didn't fall asleep, he just sat in his lair and I could talk to him to get the Stalker's claw. However, I can no longer fight him even though he's considered as an enemy as I can shoot him (he does take damage but no health bar is showing) and he can aggro he Wasteland Skulls, is it bugged or intended ? Do we need to choose one material before the start of the fight, or can we get both and I just got unlucky ?
Well he does die as he takes damage, he just doesn't fight back lol
Seems like it can be killed even if you get the Stalker's Claw. Two of my buddies sat there for a few minutes shooting him, and when he got to the last bar of health he twitched and started fighting.
Patched as of 9/12/2019
Getting this puzzle on ps4 is very difficult. PS4 controls have little precision and have a very rough movement when you aim.
As of Update 215646 "Players can no longer fight Ravager if they've already solved the Bell Puzzle"
I shot the code in correct but nothing happened, idk if that's a bug or did I miss a requirement for it
It has to be done fairly quickly. Took me a handful of tries
This is doable, i stand in the spot of this video , took me a while to get used to the mouse but i did it, also i used the gun that can summon tentacles, that gun has zoom and a big magazine... but my game seems to be bugged because the red fog do not disapear.