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Thanks for information
Does this work with dark hand? Can't get it to work myself
So I noticed when using this ring with my heavy Greatsword +4 that two normal hits trigger the red aura while one fully charged 2 triggers it as well. Is the buff actually determined by hits or DPS?
Hits. Dmg dont mean anything to the effect getting triggered
Why do the damage increasing rings need to be so confusing & near useless in DS3? Remember the DS1 RTSR or DS2 Ring of Blades & Flynns Ring? Good times.
Why are people trying this ring with heavy weapons. More efficient with quicker weapons like gotthard sword with carthus beacon
How many attacks are needed for Reapers/Scythes, can't find that information
Like most heavier weapons here it's 3 hits. Friedes scythe is the same but the weapon art will trigger half way through the second L1 COMBO
That table is just wrong, who even tested this. Did you know a single L1 from RKGS will trigger the buff? That's because it's 2x1 UGS hits. UGS take two hits not one, and that's just for starters. The faster and lighter weapons needs much more hits. Half assed effort or outdated information