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worst quest in a history. This quest ending ESO for me.
Care to say why you consider it so bad?
Sucks. It says to hide before the duelists arrive. You can sit there all day hiding and the duelists do not arrive. I guess I go play another game whilst waiting for the duellists, perhaps they will arrive next month?Neverwinter here I come
you weren't smart enough to go to the hiding spot marked on your map and its the games fault . Too funny.
I'm not comfortable with this quest at all. As an Orc, I am given the choice to either kill one of the contestants (by cheating) or both of them (by killing the winner). That not very orc-like to cheat like that. I'd rather let the contestants fight., but, there's not even a reason for them to fight in the first place. The reason why Laurig wants to be the chief is because he thinks that there is no one else. If we could just tell him that it's not the case any more, the fight would not even need to happen. Not very logical.