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This set is easily obtained in NG by farming Dragon Acolyte's in Aldia's Keep. Not sure why it's listed as NG+ only. I have a full set right now and I'm only in NG.


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You can farm it yes in Aldia's Keep, there is one acolyte near ritual site bonfire (before boss, door on the left). Just equip a loot set (I use watchdragon parma / Covetous Gold Ring / Prisonner's hood and tatters and rusted coin (optional use)
Info is wrong, I killed the BP enemies and only gave me the Dingy set. Took me around five tries too, was pretty infuriated.
got three piece on normal playthrough, missing gloves. I guess NG+ not required anymore.

Its seems that someone accidentally added in the notes from the Dingy Set.
This is dropped by the guys who wear this set in NG.
You don't get it from an invader.

Someone messed up.
Hello. May I share with you the lore of this land?
I know it's hard to believe, but we're actually standing in - *loud thud*
Perfect for astronaut cosplay
Isnt there an alternative Helmet for this set?
Am I only person who think that this set (mask in particular) may be reference to French movie from 2001 - Vidocq?