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I used lots of tools for calculating Weapon AR. Kirkhammer have A scaling with STR, Whirligig Saw have S scaling. However, STR bonus always is higher in Kirkhammer. How is it even possible? With 40STR/40SKL, kirk get 149 from STR (A scaling) and 43 from SKL (E scaling). Whirligig get 148 from STR (S scaling) and 40 from SKL (D scaling) ... Why are smaller numbers with better scaling??
Probably because within the AR calculations you also have to consider the Base Damage of the weapong, as you may know, and Kirkhammer always has higher BD than Whirligg Saw at any level comparison
It might not be as fancy and flashy as the DLC weapons, but there is still no better weapon if you want to stunlock something to death. It can stagger larger enemies that other weapons take many hits to stagger. The best attacks are the jumping attack, and the charged R2 to followup charged R2. The jumping attack does considerably more damage than regular attacks, and a charged R2 almost always staggers long enough to hit with the followup charged R2 (which comes out quickly) leading to massive damage. Its main weakness is poor ability to deal with multiple enemies or fast enemies in hammer mode. Also for some reason, some bosses just refuse to be staggered easily by anything which makes the hammer less than ideal in those fights.
Undead Giants agree
Lost Kirkhammer FRC Isz chalice pre-layer 1. Glyph 644fits5
why does it say it has a B scaling with Arcane but when I add stats i see no increase? 2019 noob
Maybe you have found this already but, it's because it only scales with arcane when you use imprints that completely convert the weapons damage to elemental damage, basically arcane, fire or bolt.
Sure this weapon is cool and all but have you ever felt the weight, the pure power of sending enemy bodies flying with a nice charged R2 from the hunters axe?