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Lore wise, I'm confused about why Yuria wants you to kill him. She says he claims to be a lord of hollows but there's nothing to indicate that he is.
Orbeck will at some point reveal that he was nothing more than an assassin and Yuria is probably not going to risk an assassin in the vicinity of her lord.
in my theory...yuria just trick unkindled to start dark age , i think orbeck was another candidate (to be lord of londor) like anri and many unkindled, but later she saw player abilities and could be worthy than another candidate , so she dump to investment to player and just eliminate other candidate , in fact... the wedding ceremony (in darkmoon chamber) just ceremony to absorb power of dark sigil from anri,and after start dark age... player must be eliminate in one day too
To clarify on Orbeck's spawning rate inconsistencies... > If you DO NOT TALK TO HIM AT ALL before defeating the bosses that would trigger his de-spawning, he will not ever actually despawn to my knowledge. > If you SPEAK TO HIM FIRST before proceeding through the game, e.g. killing the Abyss Watchers, he WILL DESPAWN. I've had the displeasure of encountering both incidents, due to my nature of gathering the last scroll before it occurs to me to actually hand them in after bringing him to Firelink. Whoops.
his last voice before he die make me crazy
I killed twin princes and bought all this stuff after. He still left and i could still find his ashes in grand archives
His departing dialogue at first is, "come again," but after a while changes to, "promise to stay safe." I'm not sure if the change happens after you give him a certain amount of scrolls, or after you purchase a certain amount of sorceries. I just thought it was interesting


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This is after you gave him all scrolls I guess. Clibthibk since there he say this
What a swell guy. I always try to bring him scrolls, even if I do a non-sorcery run
Wow I played through the game several times, never having an issue with completing his questline fully and easily. I thought I knew all the do and do nots, but I never knew about the "defeating any four bosses without giving him a scroll" thing. I have heard of many people complaining about the ways they messed up this quest, but never heard a whisper about there being a boss count tied to his quest. You guys really did your research when it comes to what can and cannot break an NPC questline. So basically, on NG++, i recruit him, then decide to play through the DLC bosses, come back and just do the deacons boss and he is out. That boy done gone forever yo.
After I bought most of sorceries and spoke to him immediately after leaving, his dialogue added a bit I haven't heard before and wasnt on the list. Normally he just says "Oh, what is it? Forgot something?" But he added "That would be quite like you." And chuckled a bit. I'm not sure if the change comes from giving him all the scrolls or buying a certain number of spells.
Did you happen to attack him? I'm wondering because in my play through I accidentally damaged Orbeck, causing him to stand up. conversing with him after would give me that dialogue.
Honestly I don't remember. If so it wouldnt have been more than using force near him