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Am i the only one thinking this whip is a reference to castlevania?
What a terrible night to be a bearer of the curse.
it´s a reference to indiana jones
Perhaps it is the untold story of what happened to Indiana Jone’s whip during Raiders of the Lost Ark
So what constitutes armor in this sense? Like, heavy armor only, or any armor at all?
Example: I killed 4-5 lion warriors then needed repair...I killed one stone and one iron golem in Drangleic castle and needed repair
Is this a reference to the Castlevania Vampire Killer whip?
you stupid.
Well, my Simon Belmont cosplay char will be using it!
Definitely a Castlevania reference. I made a Simon Belmont build based on this one weapon. I feel like they made it harder to acquire this weapon in SotFS. I had multiple copies for all the different characters I made in the original 360 version. Now I can't get one to save my life. 5 Demon greathammers, 3 channeled tridents, dozens of petrified dragon bones but not a single Old Whip... Either the RNG gods hate me or it doesn't exist in the SotFS version of the game... ::sigh::
It does, It's just the RNG. You're probably going to hate me but I had the exact opposite experience: I traded 4 Petrified Something for upgrade material... And got 4 old whip. No Joke.
Which set of armor did you used for Trevor?
Funny thing, I NEVER managed to get a single one in the original DS2. I bought SoTFS recently, started off with a petrified something, and first thing I get is the whip.
Definitely drops in sotfs as it just did for me
On the other hand I wanted a Channeler's Trident... Instead I have so far got 2 Demon Hammers and 3 Old Whips
This whip hits really hard, but due to how quickly it loses durability you'd have to carry around about 3 fully upgraded to get any use out of it
Loses durability quickly against heavy armored, repair spell helps
Bracing knucklebring also helps a lot as stated
I love how some weapons are like references to castlevania like red rust sword being a reference to red rust in sotn and the old whip being a reference to the vampire killer
get the knuckle ring and its good enough, power stance on +5 for the auto win button, oh ds3 why u do this to me and make whips bad again
Whips are pretty good in ds3 - I kill a bunch of people with the witches locks.
Whips in DS3 are good