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Not sure if I’m seeing things, but I thought for the longest time that his fireballs had some kind of symbol inside them, sort of like the faces on the terror projectiles summoned by the Shichimen Warriors. But upon closer examination, I realized they’re not symbols at all—they’re headless Buddha sculptures! As the fireballs fly by you, the shape inside turns to face Sekiro, and it looks like they’re in the same position as all the other statues in the Dilapidated Temple.
To those whining about his foot, just deflect it.
LOL I am surprised by how low the posture deduction cost was even if it is not a perfect deflect.
This boss reminded of Lawrence the First Vicar from Bloodborne.
Anybody do the cheese yet? I sure did, and it was worth it
Can I fight this boss after the final boss ? I mean before talking to Kuro to end the game.
I think so. I did it after talking to kuro at the end. You can choose to not do new game+ right away.
how do I get there? all the idols leading there are unavailable. I have just beaten the final boss for reference
You need to backtrack through Ashina Outskirts, where you fought the first miniboss of the game. There'll be an idol, use it to teleport to the arena
Nevermind, there is a window in Kuro's room. Thanks anyway.
Honestly, this is probably the boss I had the most fun fighting. It felt like I was fighting a true demon, filled with hatred which was channeled through the difficulty. While many people say the fight is bull*****I disagree. Everything, and I mean everything, can be countered. Perilous charge? Just jump. Explosive fall? Run and grapple. The flame circle? Stick as close as possible and keep him in the circle. The stomp attacks can be parried, which increases the fight's fairness. If they couldn't be parried, this boss would be far harder, as parrying those stomps saved me. Fighting against this Demon of Hatred brought me joy that only two other bosses has ever brought me. The sense of accomplishment you get upon beating him is euphoric. After everything goes quiet, all you can hear after your first victory against him is the rapid thumping of you heart. Truly a beautiful boss as well, great design. Also, love the poses it makes. Not only do they add a bit of amusement, they're perfect openings AND they're anime as hell. Demon of Hatred is perfection. Change my mind
All bosses are bull*****ima thust you" you press hit circle, "ha i still hit you!" Perilous sweap or grab you jump, "still hit you/grabbed you!"
The lore is not entirely correct, whomever wrote it wanted to imply references too heavily. When given a drink, the Sculptor will tell you of his time in the mountains where he learned to move like the monkeys there in time. It has nothing to do with Manus whom is nothing like an ape or monkey.
The reference is left arms, not a complete and total likeness, seems someone read the lore in haste and wanted to comment immediately about how Manus is not monkey-like at all.
literaly the worst boss ever created by from software totally ignores the rules the game he is in... you cant make a game about parrying beeing your only defense, when you can parry perfectly and still take 1/3 of your health as dmg cause fire just *****in stupid
"parrying is your only defense" *Laugh in i-frame*
Like, bruv, do you even dodge?
I think the sculptor knew your journey would be over soon once you beat the divine dragon and lost his will to live and became a Demon(Shura).