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So if you reroll you lose all story progression? i mean if i finished the 1st world and the 2nd too i can't only reset the 1st world and keep my progression of the 2nd?
nope if you reroll you start at the end of the tutorial the map progression is lost
Yes, it's a fresh start button
Besides more Lumenite Crystals, what's the point of the new difficulty? Better XP, scraps?
As you re-roll the items used for upgrading like iron get replaced by upgraded items like forged iron, more elites spawn, you can complete quests that you couldn't before and for those looking for a challenge, a more hardcore game.
SPEEDRUNNING ? (lol j/k)
The more you re-roll, the higher tier the material drops become. After re-rolling 6 times, I only get hardened iron now, which is annoying because I'm trying to level every item to max.
If you reroll the campaign or change the difficulty, does it effect matchmaking like most souls type games?
Can you choose if you want to change the difficulty but reroll anyway?
that question doesn't make any sense. If u reroll the campaing, u choose difficulty every time for that campaing.
should i play on hard when i reroll ??