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600 hours in this game and have never seen one of these until I watched a Lobos stream
Same lmao
Was it the Ascension mod? They're all over in that playthrough. I think they're all Evil Red ones too lol.
I would have never discovered these monsters without the 'prepare to die again' mod. The second part of Anor Londo are invaded by these fu..ers in this mod. Their ranged attack is not only overpowerful, they are also auto-guided, meaning you will need to either hide to escape it, or being very good with dodging things like that
I am so annoyed that it seems that the first one I see of these was probably because my friend was goofing off in the archives and died accidentally. And then it came to my world to nearly killed me.
Ok so somehow I found one offline
I have video evidence actually I’m not sure how or why, either that or I am having a mega dumb but while I was at the archives I just randomly got rained on by spikes which freaked me out and then I found an evil one just walking off a bookshelf
I believe the only way they should be able to spawn offline is if a Vagrant was received into your "vagrant queue" while you were online. So if your playthrough was entirely offline, that would be of note, but if you were previously online in the same playthrough, then it almost certainly is resulting from that.
Awww got excited for the offline people, yeah it was probably the vagrant queue
I remember my first time talking to solaire when one of these showed up.
Imagine finding one of these just to get a dung pie or 2 shiny rocks
I found one, literaly obliterated me with one hit
First time I ran into one was the catacombs. It was fucjujg around on the drop off by the bridge, and when I was halfway across that boi sniped my *** with his*****ty white homing mass
i found one in my second playthrough, i think it was red. i also happened to see Bed of Chaos's special meteor move in that same playthrough. sometimes im lucky lol
So... Filianore got one of those... Hmm what does it means in the deep lore?
Filianore got the biggest of the good vagrants. Maybe she dropped that pendant.