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i just went ng+, but missed out on picking up my king'sorder. I dont feel like getting all the way to the crypt keepers, who is ronin???
Why not just farm it at Mal's Floating Castle?



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It's A20%King's+Orders and it should be A+King's+Orders. It's making linking to it from other pages difficult using the UI.
went to farm some of these in the mal's flying castle of whatever and managed to farm a splendor's golden axe but NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THESE, so if u guys wanna do the same just prepare to cry
gg wp hardest boss in the game
My friend and I just found out about this. What you want to do instead, is to give your weapon to the the player 1, so he can upgrade the weapon for you.
Yes, jumping up to ledges can sometimes missed depending how we jump. That shouldn't be the case. I'd take it that the hitbox or whatever is not properly well implemented or placed or too small. We should be 100% about to grip on the ledge once we jump up.
King's order, drowned and frozen tomes can not be traded to other player in multiplayer mode. You can drop these items but the other player will pick up bags of salt or some other crap item....
"Dropped VERY RARELY by the zombies at the campfire before the sanctuary at shivering shore".... Really now?
Just tried to drop one of these for my bro in co-op, apparently if you're a sellsword it just turns into a red shard when you pick it up. I just wasted a very valuable upgrade item because of this garbage progression lock *******. PLEASE BE CAREFUL AND DON'T TRY TO TRADE THESE!
Apparently you just can't get this in co-op. My sellsword has witnessed a main character grab 3 of these from mobs but sellsword only gets red shard. I think it's a major flaw. I actually bought this game to play exclusively co-op and now I'm missing items and gotta do re-runs in a different game just to get the things I missed.
i was farming the crypt keeper in the crypt of the dead gods. once you open the secret path to the left of the sanctuary, just run left out of the sanctuary, through the open door to the left below the stairs, then drop down and out the next doorway, drop down again onto a brittle platform and jump to the right and there will be a crypt lord in the middle of blocks you can fight him then use a calling horn to go back to the sanctuary. it does require placing a guide in there