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ive killed Claviger twice now and still no drop of Void Sliver is there a certain way you have to kill the boss or is it bugged?
I've heard that you have to make sure he doesn't kill any of the mobs, so kill them before he turns the arena.
You have to kill all the adds in the fight before the boss absorbs them (the move where he lifts you up and spins the platform). I've done this twice already on Claviger but still no sliver drop. So not sure what it's not dropping for me.
Not sure if this is a bug: during the fight I kept the ads clear, however I had spawned two Iron Sentinel turrets a few moments before the slam and spin which were then killed by the slam/spin; I completed the fight with no ads absorbed and still did not receive the Void Sliver. I’m wondering if maybe it counted the Iron Sentinel turrets as being absorbed. Anyone else encounter this?