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Using this when invading with another Aldrich faithful is amazing, just spam it and watch people panic, it's hilarious, while ur bro provides protection, good times
Would creating a dark magic user be viable?


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It would, if you have everything done right. Your best bet would be using Great Soul Dregs as a heavy hitter, as it is the highest form of Deep Soul.

I hope you enjoy your dark magic character.
been using this, affinity and onyx blade on my hex build with Izalith staff. play smart and its amazing pvp. This spell is the ultimate pressure spell. people will burn their stamina rolling from it then you can roll catch with the blade.
No hexes in DS3. Gitgud scrub.
@Anon 07/03/19 "Gitgud scrub" You don't know what git gud means. don't say it, also go back to reddit. The