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So do you have access to all traits at once? Or just 8 at a time and allows you to switch traits?
You unlock them as the game goes on and you can level up traits as much as you want.
Why not list Heavy Hitter?
what does heavy hitter do theres very little info about it
Because no one cares about this cheese***** of a game. Thats why.
then why are you here tf
LOL at the jibroni saying "no one cares about this cheese**** of a game. They must suck
little b**ch probably couldn't get past the first boss lol
I have seen quite a lot of people asking why their available trait point + trait rank is not equal to 640 (maxed exp). I am here to clarify it: Many traits come with 1 value when you obtained it, the 1 value automatically added into your trait rank. So if your available trait point + trait rank is not equal to 640, it's not bugged. It means you have missing traits that give you 1 trait rank each when you got them.