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*****ing awful boss. Tiny *** arena full of obstacles, but the boss doesnt even need to hit you to set you on fire, and has a volley of shots ALL of which will set you completely on fire if they hit you once along with doing high damage. Flying guy is reasonable to deal with, but after you kill him you get low budget Crawmerax's running about constantly, which don't drop ammunition (in my experience). Oh, and make the boss unable to be headshot. Whoever designed this guy is an idiot.
cry more please. learn to play
He's not hard just super annoying once you kill the flying dude it's easy just takes forever for no good reason
Dude, he's not that hard. I demolished him as melee.
Yall do realize that people can beat the boss easily, but also see how badly it was designed. Literally first tried this*****, And I hated it. The mechanics were too cheesy, his splash damage on his bolts is NUTS and the fact that each bolt staggers you is hilarious. The little dude is basically useless and you can burst it down almost immediately. Actual waste of time
before the fight if you stand back you can hit him before going thru the smoke wall aim just below the bridge
Getting set on fire from across the arena and through a wall is so much fun...
Didn't seem that tough, just kill the little guy right away and have some coolant handy. Not sure why people that just complain about the difficulty of boss fights waste their time playing a game like this, instead of just finding a simpler game to play that they might acctually enjoy...
I never had any problems evading, but damn was i rolling around to douse out the flame right after using all Coolants smh. Easy boss when keeping distance.
An incredibly badly made boss fight, you're constantly on fire, the fire will get you -despite- you dodging the projectiles, you may even suffer the fire debuff through the walls. Not sure which of the programmers who made this boss fight but it pains me that he was paid a salary when he should have been ordered to redo this because of the numerous bugs.