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Seems as if melee stats affect this mod. Putting the melee leech ring made the bolts heal me.The melee bleed ring also had my bolts bleeding targets it crit. bug maybe or am i missing something?
i think it's a bug. anyway; the mod is way too weak. you are trapped in that animation for freggin 12 seconds and it does little to no damage at all.
Dont listen to that guy you are raiden.
Sounds cool but is underwhelming once you know that it prevents you from dodging during the casting time
this mod would have been cool if i were able to do other things while this mod does its thing..like shoot my gun,use my 2nd wep mod,dodge etc or just buff the damage of this mod and make it apply overloaded to the enemies.
Up the duration to 20 and make it apply overload effect,but If you really want to run this I recommend full radient set with corrosive aura on 2nd weapon,basicly does 40% more damage, then use strom amulet,the ring that gives 15% more crit after a kill and either devourers ring or heart seeker,this does a 3 hit per second lightning aura plus the lighting bolts which can do decent damage,aura doing 102 or 105 crits and bolts doing 500+
Fun use of this is combining it with the eye of the storm you place overload on group of enemies and use this while behind cover it will trigger every overload and hit through the walls without you ever being hit. Found this fun thing out although would love for this ability to get a buff like maybe a damage boost, more hits per second, increase movement speed, or even allow us to use the melee attack button to hurl bolts of lighting at targets giving us more to do in the ability since we end up stuck inside of it for so long.
Significantly worse than Swarm in almost every way. Less dps, less hit frequency, shorter duration and it stops you from doing anything but move while it's on.