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This fight is a load of fun, not gonna lie. But it's also kinda easy. Really, the only thing they'd need to up this fight from middling to truly epic is reduce the posture damage he takes and/or buff its regeneration rate.
I found the difficulty level perfect, which is something I can't say about any other Fromsoft final boss. They generally end up being way too easy because by the time I've done all the other content, I tend to be over-leveled and just tear them apart. But with Sekiro being more linear and not having levels, everybody's on a more even playing field and the fight overall never feels cheap or hopeless...and I say this as somebody who died 50+ times to this guy. He kicked my ***, but it ended up being one of my favorite fights.
Am I the only one finding him far more difficult than the Demon of Hatred???
Demon of Hatred is basically a dark souls/bloodborne mid-boss and most of his difficulty just comes from being a change of pace. 90% of the fight is just standing between is legs and mashing r1.
Sword Saint is supposed to be hard. That's the point of a final boss if you haven't noticed already.
Demon of Hatred is pretty much Manus. Isshin is a Sekiro style boss.
If DSP can beat this guy, anybody can.
Wow wtf? Went to check it out and DSP beat him only in like 3-4 tries. What year is this?
Even lobos took longer than that. He probably got lucky or found a cheesy way to beat it accidentally lmao.
I finally beat him last night(took a long break from the game after being stuck on Great Shinobi Owl) and man was that fight a blast. Kinda wish I had been playing before work because that victory gave me a high that lasted for hours lol
To those who keep on complaining about Sword Saint Issin being hard, here is a reason as to why he is hard: HE'S A FINAL BOSS. THEY'RE MEANT TO BE HARD.
Sekiro is my favourite game of all time because of that boss fight. My first time I did the runaway loser technique. But once I learnt how to deflect / mikiri counter / and return lightning properly and did the whole thing with no damage I really appreciated how amazing that boss fight was. Epic.
Well damn, I didn't think people would actually agree with me on this because they complain so much. I guess the world isn't an entirely sh1tty place after all.


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Need to confirm, but i found using the shuriken "phantom Kunai" he doesnt deflect or avoid it, if i had distance i noticed he wouldnt necessarily charge me but just tank the hits, it wont do much damage with a full set of spirit emblems but it maybe enough to just tip him over or keep his posture damage up
Kind of wish He’d use a like a Lighting Bow instead of Lightning Melee Attacks, because they were at least a little harder to counter. I don’t like that the third Phase was the easiest
Third phase is a do or die situation, where you need to remember that lightning can deal a sh1t ton of damage if not properly reversed, which can usually lead to death in NG+ or without kuro's charm. It's easy in hindsight, but one screw up will likely translate to death.
Thanks to getting my *** beat by Virgil in DMC5 I can see that Judgment Nut cummin' from miles away.
Reminds me of Gael in a way, with all the lightning and old man grunts
Fire axe works very well in the last 2 Phases.