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Caryll Runes are are visual translations of langue of the great ones and I have to ask, why is this great one telling you about the moon?

Description of the moon Rune - “A secret symbol left by Caryll, runesmith of Byrgenwerth.
A transcription of "moon", as spoken by the Great Ones inhabiting the nightmare.

Gain more Blood Echoes.
The Great Ones that inhabit the nightmare are sympathetic in spirit, and often answer when called upon.“

Indeed, this great one made contact upon being interact on and said “Moon.” Why?

I hypothesis this great one is asking you to find and kill the Moon Presence. Just a theory, I mean there has to be a reason it said Moon.
It is trapped in the nightmare of mensis, you cannot truly kill it because it keeps respawning so maybe it wants you to destroy the old ones and end the nightmare so it can be free
To get the rune, you simply need to stand still with the gesture for a few minutes.
I stood infront of its eye and I got the rune
Hands-down the hardest boss to one-shot


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I like how this exact page is on the wiki twice, but with a different title
Does anybody know what this is whispering, whilst in the pit? All I'v been able to understand is "Please save me from..."
I think I also hear "Justice is coming too"
It jiggle like booty when you smack it.
Visually it reminds me of a teratoma, a type of tumor that is comprised of various types of tissue, capable of forming hair, teeth, eyes, and even brain tissue. Some even grow limbs or develop into what look like malformed fetuses. Perhaps the Brain of Mensis really does represent the “stillbirth” of the scholars’ brains.
myazaki has a lot of knowledge
:< Sorry for smashing ya, eyeball. Don't look at me like that... die already..please die.. where is my satisfaction .. goddamit miyazaki !
Me too I kill it without making contact on it