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Even though i enjoy this weapon for some reason it doesn't allow me to equip a large variety of ammo. Does anyone know why?
I believe it depends on the LBG that you craft / buy / upgrade. The usable ammo types should be in the description.
It's completely dependent upon what LBG you're using. It will also change as you upgrade the weapons. Only one gun can use every TYPE, but even that one cannot use every STAGE of ammo.
certain guns can use certain ammo, one gun cant use all of them



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What ammo types you can use is determined by what bowgun you have equipped. It's very rare for any one bowgun to be able to use more than a handful of the ammo types.
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Xeno Nequiina can use ammo of every type, albeit not all levels. For example, it can use Sticky lvl 3, but not 1 or 2. It can, however, use Normal ammo 1 and 3, and Piercing 2 and 3.
Are the wyvernblast mines the only special ability for these? Heavy has a Gatling gun basically and a sniper.
Yes. Lay mines which explode on enemy contact, about 3 times. Or you can shoot ammo through the haze (for lesser damage) to add "explosions" on it. Works real good with piercing or spread ammo. Additionally, you can melee the mine yourself when an enemy is near and it will deal the same damage as if the enemy stepped on the mine as well as the melee hitting the enemy. The melee has a really large hitbox
The page is missing the Dragonbone and Blacksteel trees.
then write them down your self, this is a wiki after all
High Recoil as a generalization I think is incorrect for Disadvantages. Your recoil for using Light Bowgun is entirely dependant on which weapon tree you build and the ammo that correlates with it. For example Jagras Blitz 1 features high recoil on Normal Ammo 3, but the Power Rifle 1 features average recoil on Normal Ammo 3. However, when you compare Light Bowgun vs Heavy Bowgun, Light Bowgun generally features higher recoil per ammo type than its heavier counter part.

While "high recoil" is not entirely wrong, I think it should instead be comparative vs the heavybow gun or bow.

Did they get rid of Rapid Fire?
Yes and no. Only a few guns have rapid fire for a select few ammo. IIRC the Tobi Kadachi has rapid fire on thunder ammo.
It takes 60 second for a single charge of wyrmblast to recharge. This is also the same amount of time it takes for a charge of wyrmblast to expire once placed if not used.

Also Focus armour skill affects wyrmblast. Using Focus lvl 1, 5% coolddown on weapons with guage or charge, it reduces the recharge time for wyrmblast charges to 57 seconds. I have been able to replicate this several times. Also basic math 5% of 60 is 3, so saves 3 seconds.