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PSA for low-skill players that want to get invaded less (so you don't have to DC): SIMPLY STOP SUMMONING PHANTOM HELP AT THE START OF EVERY ZONE. IT *GREATLY* BOOSTS YOUR MATCHMAKING PRIORITY TO BE INVADED. PvE most of a zone solo, and you will be invaded by human players faaaaaaar less often -- it'll happen occasionally, but the majority of your invasions in a playthrough will be the scripted NPC invasions. The PvE in this game is not that hard. It really isn't. You can do it without a gank squad. I promise.
I guess there is a rule that only total tryhards or total casuls can post comments.... But if thats true, then I'm a filthy casul
So I'm supposed to "got gud" when I invade a cheater who prevents me from using black crystal and curses me to death but every time I still match up with the same guy so I decide to alt f4 "like a casul" and get some sort of a ban because I didn't want to become the amusement element of a 12 year old kid or a middle aged troll who just kills the fun of the game for other people? Alright buds
2k19 squad
So I get penalty points when I black crystal out because I felt bad for a cornered host who'd just cleared the last of his enemies but had no estus and almost no health left? Why must From encourage people to be *******
Say ye if you arent a pos and have never had to use this.