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I think it might be worth moving the stuff about the second visit to Hirata (especially the boss) to a separate page. Something like "Hirata Estate Revisited" or "Hirata Estate (Owl's Bell Memory)".
If we revisit hirata estate after lady butterfly, then what the hell is just the drunkard doing there and why the big budda stutue is up again? the first shinobi you meet says "you're supposed to be dead" which means it's after Owl stabbed Sekiro in the back.
*Juzou the drunkard I mean
Or maybe Masanaga the spear-bearer says that because Owl sent you on a mission that they don't expect you to survive that
I tested it, for purification ending you don't need to evesdrop on isshin and Emma. Just after you defeat Owl the great shinobi, burn the incense and evesdrop on kuro who says " Do what must be done" and then rest at the idol. Emma changes her location to upstairs. The rest is the same.
Is the Hirata Estate segment just reliving a lost memory, or actually time travel? Obtaining equipment there I can excuse for gameplay purposes, but Owl explicitly comments on you using the sculptor's prosthetic while you're fighting him, which Wolf didn't have until Genichiro cut his arm off 3 years later
I just watched the classic 1954 Japanese move seven samurai and noticed how the bandits look just like the bandits from hirata estate I wonder if there was inspiration there
They also look almost identical to the bandits in Nioh. I think it’s just Japanese style for bandits or something. And why do they always have their *** cheeks showing?
that's just how people dressed back then
If you enter the water at the very beginning of the area and swim to the left, there’s an invisible wall that just sort of stops you from going any further. Is this as annoying to other people as it is to me?
Is it too late to get to second memory of Hirata estate after Isshin is dead and Ministry invades Ashina?