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If they add Dalamadur, then it's probably just beyond area 16, hence the strange noises
Please, Capcom. Nerscylla would fit perfectly here!
Hell yeah it would
or baelidae
say?? is there a way to get like a gas mask for these fumes?
There is a armour you can craft from the ordragon parts. One of the skills is effuvilim expert.
Actually it's the chest piece of the Hornetaur armour that gives you that skill. You can make it before even getting anyway near the gas. (Best kill them with your slinger if you're using a weapon with severing damage.)
You can craft Girros Coil that nullifies the effluvium.
You can also use torch pods as a temporary fix. Shoot one in the smoke at your feet and the smoke dissolves
You can hear the whales singing in the vale
the parts of the vale you explore is the skeleton of an adult dalamadur
How the heck do I get to area 16?
You unlock it when you fight vaal hazak because that is his nest
Area 16 is where the Vaal Hazak lives.
Use the girros coil because it has effluvia expert which prevent effluvium damage. :)