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General melee strategy:

Bait out the weapon art, stay just outside of the range of the the two spins, then sprint straight at him as he transitions into the overhead smash. Roll past him just as the hammer starts to come down: if you time it right you'll i-frame through the hammer, clear the rock shatter AoE, and land a few feet behind him. He'll be stuck in his recovery animation for a good 3-4 seconds, so run up and get a backstab or R1/R2 combo, then roll away to regain your stamina. Repeat until dead.
How do you summon him? i went to the purging stone and roloaded the area several times. he won't come. i also killed gael if this is relevant.
He doesn't invade at the monument
Why is he smaller than the other silver Knights?
the original idea (and not silver looking armor) was flushed down the toilet so this is more of a "placeholder" for the thing they originaly had in mind to deliver the hammer somehow to the player. Ledo himself was a giant like the rest of the bunch no doubt about it.
Shouldn't he be a Black Knight? The hammer has the Black Knight weapon skin...?
Lore wise, he is a Silver Knight so no. He was eccentric and wanted a giant *** hammer



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Bow Strat: Composite Bow +9 or +10 and 2 stacks of an arrow. (Tested on NG+9) First of all, you don't want to fight inside the room, bait him outside. It does 120 damage from normal R1 and 80 damage with roll R1; both with Standard Arrow. At mid-range just shoot him normally and hope he doesn't roll (he sometimes tank the arrow) and when he attacks just roll R1.



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From what I have seen he has somewhere around 2100-2200 health. Also with a weapon that does 55 poison damage it takes about 5 hits to poison him.
He's been invading me even though I defeated the spear of the church already.
Then you haven't kill Midir yet. Invasions still occur if another boss is in the area.
If you don't care about how you kill him, Toxic Mist FTW. Run up to Ledo's spawn point and as he is spawning spurt your Toxic Mist at him and hide behind the corner so he can't see you and wait for him to get toxic. Once the effect ends Ledo will be on low health but not quite dead yet. Puff another cloud at him through the corner/walls and he will detect you but will get toxic again because he likes to edgewalk even in Toxic Mist as long as he doesn't see you. Then just back off and avoid him until he falls apart. Perfect.
Why there's nothing about him and Havel??
I’d rather have what would’ve been his armor than the herald armor it would’ve gave him a lot more character