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If you want to make a Tsorig build, you need at least 46 Vitality, Havel's Ring +3, Ring of Favor +3, and Prisoner's Chain. Fourth ring is up to you, I prefer to use K***ht Slayer's ring to be true to cosplay. This will get you *juuuust* enough weight load to mid roll. You can then get your Vigor up to 22 (enough to get 27 vigor and 1k hp with the rings you're wearing), 35 Endurance (to get up to 40 end and max stamina with the rings) and 63 strength at lvl 120. Not quite at str hardcap, but close. Definitely worth it, it's a fun build and scary as hell to other players - especially pyromancers whose pitiful flames can't touch you in the Black Iron set. I wouldn't go lower than lvl 110 with this build, however - It would be difficult, as you can't really compromise Endurance because of how much stamina the sword takes to use, you definitely can't compromise Vitality unless you LIKE fat-rolling, and if you compromise Vigor, you're going to be a glass cannon, which makes the armor/shield worthless. I hope this helps somebody.
I did your Build and got Melted by Acid Surge, Toxin and Poison. Everytime I used Moss I got a poke or pelted by Dark Pyro. I could've won if my Swing Speed was higher but I couldn't carry a backups wieght. The guys mobility wrecked me after 10m
actual so *****ing cheap, he has a greatsword that he swings like a dagger and he always hides behind his damn shield too, when i finally got him to low health i tried to go for a backstab and he somehow *****ing riposted me and insta-killed such a *****ing cop-out
To those who say tsorigs phantom isn’t enough and those who say the black knight isn’t enough, you’re both stupid. Just defeat tsorig as an invader by running to the bridge and breaking it just before he steps on, then you can use his phantom to fight him, if ot doesn’t finish him lure him to the black knight and as fast as you can get up the ladder the knight is guarding and that should do it.
Break what bridge? You combined both areas he’s in buddy
I wish you could command NPC phantoms to " stay put" whenever I take him to the basalisk room to fight himself, they crush him in seconds. I'm probably just stupid and doing it wrong, but that's just a gripe I have. Tsorig wasn't too hard to solo even with mid rolling.
What would happen if I brought the phantom Tsorig with me to where his actual NPC self is? Will he be there or just gone?
You can totally make them kill each other. I wondered about it too, so I tried it myself. You might have to clear out the basilisks before summoning him, though.