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Wait, dodging has invincibility frames? And here I was just like... actually dodging out of the way with it. Like under any tall enemy's horizontal attacks that inevitably leave a space for a whole adult to roll under.
I played through dark souls 2 as my first souls game and kept adaptability at base, I feel like a massive idiot wondering why my rolls seemed useless
Yeah the in game description is trash.
In ds3 you have 12 i-frames when rolling, 11 i-frames if you fat roll, how many i-frames you gain if you fast roll? 13? 14? maybe 15? NO, you have only 12 i-frames. ADP is a good and balanced stat, stop being a crybaby and accept it
Sorry people insulted a thing you like so I’ll break it down. I frames break the leveling by being OP.
I’ll ask you a question, why would I level health when I could level ADP.
Oh final comment from me, calling people crybabies for saying agility is bad, makes you look incredibly smug.
So I read these comments and here’s what I noticed agility is preferred by those who in previous games had issues with dodging and to those people I recommend knuckling up with a shield. Here’s my argument ADP and agility breaks the game by 1. Being better than the same amount of vitality 2. Having a trash in game description that I had to visit this wiki page to read 3.Having a large amount of iframes lowers the skill requirements for dodging 4.Because of numerous hit box glitches in DS2 it can be hard to tell high agility from lag or ghost hit boxes 5.Damages the PVP by having high agility builds being hard to hit with magic spears, lightning, or melee. (Stop calling other people names because they like/ hate agility and you don’t. Finally saying git gud isn’t an argument.)
git gud
git gud
git gud
git gud, *
You make many great points, the only retards here are the ones spamming "Git Gud" about a game mechanic that requires ***** all skill.
hey, to the anon that said 'git gud *,' kill yourself you *****ing degenerate ***** piece of garbage.
Blows my mind that there are people out there who actually think this number-crunching***** is better than the three clearly defined roll tiers that the first game had.
Don't worry, they dumbed it down in the newer games so you won't get so mind blown by realism
How tf is rolling tied to a stat more realistic then rolling tied to weight tier.
*yawn* boring as*****. i want a game not a fkng calculator
dont forget froms random gank algorith designed to add an additionlal disadvantage to the player by coding in a control randomizer so every nth trigger or button action does something other than what its supposed to.....for example instead of cast spell when you hit right bumper it strikes. or instead of roll dodge it steps backwards. or instead of drink estus it doesnt do anything all of which haas happened consistently in my game and no its not a wonky controller ita the games coding.
Never, ever heard of this except for with a "wonky controller" sorry bruv.