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Lol,I don't know about you guys but I died up to 20 times in my first run lul,I beated Abyss Watcher before this dude,only took me 4 tries,also cleared through Catacomb very easily and Crystal Sage somehow kicked my asses into oblivion.But in the second run,he is pushover
Just go full melee. Believe me, even as a sorcerer. Don't trust me? Google 'Dark Souls 3 Intelligence kills Crystal Sage'
I still struggle with this fukin boss every time I make a new character
I used Astor’s spear to fight it and did plenty of damage with the shield splitter skill. And the poison damage really helps as well.
If you’re on NG+ and have the frayed blade it can get him down below 50% health on ng+7 if you keep spamming the r2/rt weapon art. It’ll probably kill him or get him very close to death on lower ng+ cycles.
equip a bleed infused bandit's knife and crystal sage becomes the bullied kid in the corner of the class