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I thought each one of the great ones are unique. Shouldn't there be only one amygdala since they refer to it as a great one?
Several Great Ones have “children” (or perhaps familiars) that are not technically Great Ones themselves, but are classified as “kin.” Maybe the lesser amygdalae are the same, but we can’t be sure since they cannot be attacked and tested for species exploits.
Not only that, but nobody ever said a Great One had to be a Great ONE. It could be a collective that is one entity, sort of the opposite of Oedon who is formless.
Well, they are "lesser amygdalas" and different in appearance. So just assume they are different beings.
Amygdala plural are sometimes considered lesser gods so maybe because of that
Even with 40 insight, the ones in Yahar'gul still can't be seen unless you trigger the Blood Moon. I wonder why these ones don't come down until the phase change, but the two in the Cathedral Ward are present even before the sun sets?
I love BloodBorne more than anything but the way you enter the dlc is *****ing*****. I had to look this up to find it, and I've never had to do that before. And it just pisses me off because of how many hours I spent searching for it.
... You know, it says what to do when you receive the Eye of the Blood-drunk Hunter from the Messengers (the key item that lets you into the DLC). "The Eye of a Blood-drunk Hunter beckons hunters to the Hunter's Nightmare. A deformed creature will whisk you away outside Oedon Chapel", goes the text you get upom picking it up.
You could just read stuff. Took me 2 minutes.
"Oh Amygdala, have mercy on the poor bastard willya?!" -Patches The Spider-