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Knight - high str med dex weapons (bkga bkgs) Warrior - high str (ledo fugs) Mercenary - high dex (darkdrift frayed blade) Herald - dex faith (draginslayer spear/swordspear) Cleric - str faith (dragonslayer greataxe morne greathammer) Pyro - all faith+int scaling weapons (demons, witch locks, onyx) Assassin - str int (moonlight greatsword) Sorcerer - dex int (aquamarine dagger) Thief - luck (anri and mangurb)


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I luv this comment <3
Depraved - everything (anything)
BURN EVERYTHING! - Every pyromancer
Some Pyromancers prefer to spread warmth around providing comfort to weary travelers we are not all pyromaniacs here.
The higher your level, the more starting classes become pointless/non-functional. Past SL55, characters are about to hit the soft caps and tend to branch out to other stats and become hybridized, so there is less distinction between classes. Also I found the Knight to be the best starting class for any sort of build at SL70+. Mocked up a SL75 STR build in soulsplanner, thought Warrior would be good starting class, but no, it wastes 3 levels compared to the Knight. With a SL111 Pyro build, picking either a Knight or an actual pyromancer as your starter makes no difference.
Starting classes do make a difference. A knight can never attain a 40/40 faith/intelligence build before a pyromancer. On top of that, the wasted points in vitality, strength, and dexterity are points a full caster desperately needs for endurance, and attunement.
I made my own class in dark souls 3, idk what to call it, but its a class that uses good pyromancy and also has a good armor value, i also have a sword in case I get into some hand to hand combat.
Knight is best for min-maxing a melee build. I mean, a lot of the best strength weapons still require a bit of dexterity, and some of the best dexterity weapons require a bit of strength. Or you can just do a standard quality build of 40 strength, 40 dexterity build and be able to make the most out of refined weapons and weapons (like the wolfknight greatsword) that can't be infused. Slap a crossbow on for ranged attacks, and you have all your bases covered. Alternatively, if you want a pure intelligence or faith caster build, then that 13 strength and 12 dexterity opens up (or gets you close) alot of weapon options. 2 points of strength and you can wield the Onyx Blade. 3 points and you got the Moonlight Greatsword. 6 points in dex will get the Onikiri and Ubadachi. Lots of good weapons are only a few levels away. Pyromancer is a close second, but only if you want to do a pyromancer or dark.
Can you see one of your friends classes? I was playing on ps4 and my friend knew what class I was and we weren't playing together.


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The title "Thief" always sounded cool to me. Das why I picked it as my class in my 1st play through and got my *** brutally kicked. uwu