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Im just finished my last ng+7 run,its hard to test without numbers but i feel like this works even on ng+7,i run plenty of tests on the dude next to seven spear boy in ashina castle reservoir,he have enormus amount of hp and posture,i do kill him faster without bell,same goues for charm,without both of this i kill him like twice faster.
You didn't finish it on ng +7 good try kid. You probably are still on the first boss LOL. scrub.
imgur.com/xhzFGu2 Rekt i guess...
Yes, it works regardless of NG cycle. Also the NG+7 is not difficulty cap, the difficulty increase continues - I can say it at least for NG+12.
“Also the NG+7 is not difficulty cap, the difficulty increase continues - I can say it at least for NG+12.” I don’t Think so man it looks like it stops at NG+7, just like every fromsoft game since ds
Just beat the game and went to google "Kuro's Charm" and got led to this. I just realized I beat the game with this thing active for most of it without reading what it did. I'm such a dummy XD
Okay, Humblebrag, we get it
Dang, didn't think people would read into my comment so negatively, but re-reading it I can see how it could come across like that. I wasn't trying to brag about beating a videogame, I agree that that would be petty. I honestly thought it was funny and decided to share but I'll think about how I word things next time.
Don’t worry about it, people get angry over the dumbest stuff
I did the same thing, no idea why people are so upset about your comment lol
does demon bell effects on main bosses?
It does
Doesn't really make the game that much harder, tbh. I toyed with it in the early game and then from genichiro to the end just kept it on permanently and really the only part I noticed was the increased posture damage, but that's easy to manage with ichimonji or sugars.
hello boys
The burden may be linked to additional dark-apparition type enemies spawning in specific locations, e.g. on the bridge to corrupted monk and at the gun fort shrine.


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I had the apparition samurai spawn on the corrupted monk without ringing the bell.