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We didn't side with Alexander nor with the Black ring... does that mean we can't continue the red prince quest?
I can't use healing abilities on the Prince. He just spontaneously dies.
Is he cursed by an item or spell?

Am I the only one who thinks its awful we can't convince The Red Prince (As a Companion, Not Origin) that the Shadow Prince is right and the Dragons shouldn't be hatched? I am on my first playthrough and I just killed the Red Prince with my main Origin Beast run because I believe The Shadow Prince on this one. If these two have the ability to create Dragons, I believe they were clearly Dragons before and there is a reason that was taken from them. Regardless of the who, ifs, ands buts, or anything honestly I just believe they shouldn't be restored as Dragons. It will destroy the balance somewhere along the lines. Maybe one day they decide, eh we don't like Dwarves anymore or we want their mineral mining operations. Lets kill them. Or perhaps the Humans simply foresee this possibility and try to take a preemptive strike and attack?

I'm going to go recruit a mercenary now. I really hope they can take full use of the mirror like companions so I can basically rebuild my Conjure/Hydro Red Prince.
Just break a barrel of deathfog over Sadha's head. Have Red Prince be the one to do it even. No muss, no fuss. I have him carry around two spare deathfog barrels just for such occasions where the game writers force you into certain choices.
Humans genocided elves with deathfog. the dwarves want to use deathfog to destroy an entire city. and you're worried the only problem is that we'll have dragons again after you get proof that that can be used wisely with Slane in Fort Joy? Yea I'm pretty sure that's a weird mindset you have there. but its a valid point anyway and I actually sided with Red Prince on that: its a responsibility if and when or if its ever going to be possible, but to sit there and hide from the fact they used to be doesn't mean that they can't adjust how such a thing is used. Nothing is evil. Evil is made, not just born. why should a cloak and dagger group decide what the actions of someone else might be? so if say they don't just stop there, what if suddenly other races intrests fall out of line? in fact did you realize the OTHER things he's been doing? sounds like something somebody who wants to force a result would do. what did the dragons originally do I wonder?
I was also against them reproducing dragons, I don't know if it's right to destroy them all, I feel bad to do so, but then you're right that it would upset the world... that's what scares me most of all. I tried to dissuade the Red Prince, but he wouldn't listen to me and it turned against me. If you have advice to keep the prince with me while killing the dragons? is it necessary to kill Sadha so that the dragons won't be born? Otherwise, the best thing to do is not take the Red Prince with you at all.
He can't be convinced about the dragons for the same reason he's dead set on finding Sadha; it's a core part of him as a person. It'd be like trying to talk Braccus Rex into not using Source. Probably more difficult since the Red Prince also seems to have some magical compulsion to complete his goals. So the only way for him to go a different route is to literally be him. As for upsetting the balance, interactions with dragons throughout the series have been pretty positive for everyone (i.e. The Patriarch, who's helped save the world once on accident and once on purpose). Not to mention that whatever happens at the end of OS2 they all still get killed off by humans before the Dragon Knight Saga happens, so they can't be all that powerful.
His fire resistance and dragon breath make him a good pyromancer.
I picked his origin my first playthrough. Made him and amazing "fire sage" great till you get to enemy's imminent to fire.
What's Red Prince real name anyway?
Fun fact: The red prince's intelligence gear is red-gold coloured. All other lizard intelligence gear is blue-gold coloured!
if i choose red prince as my origin what companion do i get 1st in his place?
Fane would be the closest, followed by Ifan if you sneak by the gate by climbing the ladder on the wall by the magister looking for her father.
i play with the red prince as a main character with 3 others the 3 others compainions can use source but the red prince the main character can't us any source, in the first time of hall of echoes. where you can get the blessing. how can this i don't understand it. can anybody tel my how i can get source possibility with the red prince.
Uh... Is his collar off?
Spoilers for the ending scene I tried all the solutions about the divinity and The Red Prince never used dragons in any ending for war, so everyrhing ended peacefully, not with burning all Rivellon to the ground, maybe it's because I was a lizer and all other races were just *****ed up (killed dwarfs, exploded the tree on nameless isle etc.) ??