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By Anonymous
These directions are terrible...
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By Noleen
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There is only one path once you find the entrance in the first picture, not sure how to be more precise.
By Anonymous
Noleen. The path splits off into several different directions. They are horrendous directions.
By Anonymous
After going through the opening, follow the path to the right where it will start going upwards. Keep following it strait upwards and you will come to a gap where you have to vine jump across. You will land in the nest with the flower on the far side of it.
By Anonymous
upon spawning at 17, go west and drop off by dodging off the edge, not sprinting. (so you don't hang on the vine.)
then walk to the rock with a Mandragora mushroom on it, and turn your camera to face north.
you should now see a small gap you can crawl under, created by an arching tree/root. about 1 foot to the right of the small orange tree.
follow it up past the adamant seed and swing on the vine.
it will be just in front of you.

By Anonymous
This comment should be the article. The directions up there are utter*****.
By Anonymous
Jesus I spent like half an hour trying to find this with the article and you got me there in ten seconds
By Anonymous
Thank you so much!
By Anonymous
This guide was complete*****
By Anonymous
Good lord these directions suck! Pay attention to the screenshots. The hunter stands in a nest which is ABOVE most old the thick branches which serve as paths. If you think you're in the right spot on the map, you are, just look up and you'll see the nest. You must find the branch which leads up to it, then leap onto a swingvine to get to the nest. The nest is its own platform as well, very small and nothing else on it.
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By TehMightyPotato
Guys if the post is bad, edit it! Don't complain about a bad wiki page and do nothing about it.
By Anonymous
its Known not Know in the (A special plant from the Ancient Forest. Know to cure all types of diseases.)

By Anonymous
From Camp 17, turn your camera opposite the tent until you see climbable vines on the other side. Walk forward and drop down to the area below.There should be a rock with a mandragora mushroom.

Stand on the rock and turn your camera until you see the orange tree. There is an arched tree root next to the orange tree. Crawl under there and follow the path past the adamant seed.

Run straight ahead without pressing any buttons and swing across. Collect your sun kissed grass!