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defeated aldrich, took elevator upstairs. in room with regen ring, rosarias black orb pulsed. used it, invaded NPC, killed him. got her soul. transmutes into this spell.
You should learn to read before posting.
The soul of Rosaria gets you the Bountiful Sunlight miracle, it's different
So I see that this spell stacks with gentle prayer, but does it stack with other HP regen buffs? I'm thinking about doing a Cleric build focused on passive healing. Blessed Weapon on a Blessed weapon + Bountiful Light + Sun Princess ring? Time to try it out.
if you want you could also hold a chime in the left hand for regen
It does, get the Ancient Dragon Greatshield and the Sun Princess ring then cast this, you get a crazy amount of hp regen, you can also choose to sacrifice some damage and infuse blessed onto your weapon, not recommended though.
For your question you can watch this video
Wrong healing value set here... spell heals 5 over time
replenishment is the miracle that heals 5 per second. the info here is correcet
is this rly unaffected by spellbuff? kinda sucks then..
No, it doesn't. Not by any standards... Bountiful Sunlight is literally just a clear upgrade from replenishment and bountiful light. You cast this and your party has enough hp regen to fight without having to stack regen. Also, the fact that it isn't affected by spellbuff means you can be at base requirement to use the spell and still get it's max usefullness.
On one hand high FTH builds would prefer scaling, but on the other hand low FTH builds that have just enough to use this or Replenishment benefit greatly from it.
So is Bountiful Sunlight the only one that heals teammates?
perhaps it's the only one that heals over a period of time, but there are miracles like med heal with the description saying it heals within vicinity, that means allies around you can get healed as well

yes. I find it to be pointless since regen builds only benefit from multiple sources at once (like the ring+spell+w.a.+blessed weapon). just use a heal spell on your mates.
Soothing Sunlight also heals allies over time, but it requires 45 faith.
Damn that light is bountiful. -equips shades-
so... I made a Jesus build based on luck and faith. My main weapon is Anri's so when stacked with blessed weapon, the milkwood shield, princess ring and this spell it allows for ridiculous amounts of regen.
That's only 15 hp/sec. Not bad, but you can get up to 25.5 if you mix in two chime WA and Bountiful Sunlight. But if you wanna use Bountiful Light(7hp/sec) and only one chime(Filianore's), you get 19hp/sec after you swap out the chime for the Millwood shield once Pray for Favor is cast. ;)
I hadn't realized the prayer wa stayed if you swapped weapons! Thanks!

Also I now use a blessed parry shield most of the time along withthe milkwood for obvious reasons.
Also I prefer this over bountiful sunlight because of fp cost.
If it's a Jesus build you should be using a whip
how much hp it heals in total ?
nvm, iam dumb
So it only heals 2hp more a second than replenishment?
Doesn't seem worth going up 10 more levels in faith, for just 2hp more per tick (replenishment 15 faith, bountiful light 25 faith) plus it costs 45fp .. replenishment costs 30fp.

Seems like 18 faith would be more than enough, use fillianore chime wa/ replenshiment/ anri's straight sword/blessed weapon buff.. and a blessed offhand.
Don't see the point in putting 7 more points into faith for the sake of 2hp more.. better to put those levels elsewhere, like in attunement or endurance.
The mere 2 HP/sec extra amounts to 120 HP extra over Replenishment's 300 HP total healed. Might help if you can spare the points for it.
If you run a build that has the requirement it is worth it but not if you are looking for cheap regeneration, then replenishment is unbeatable.
If you have faith nearing 30 you should be using those stats for way more than just healing. Elemental infusion melee builds benefit from 30 faith, pyro builds cap at 40 faith, and lightning/miracle builds cap at 60. Healing spells should be viewed as a bonus for your build more than the focus, otherwise the points you're putting towards healing are points you could have put towards, er, not needing to heal so much to need healing miracles.