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puppeteer the okami warrior that can do thunder attack near sculptor Idol, take him to the bull, watch them fight each other. One thunder strike from the okami warrior hits the bull around 1/3 of its health.
Something is odd with this mini-boss. When I got to him he only had one deathblow.
It's the same as the blazing bull from earlier in the game. Both bulls have only one orb.
Don't kite him too far, was beatin his *** and then ran away, then proceeded to de-aggros.
Same, got him down to 10 hp without the plunging attack then he ran away and was at full health again, I was so pissed lol, second time I used the plunging deathblow to make the fight quicker as I'd already beat his *** once lol
If you sneak up behind him, throw firecrackers just as he's turning around to face you, and then run behind him (so you're out of the way), he will rear-up and run into the wall. His posture meter fills up instantly and he loses his balance, with no damage having been given, and you can simply walk up to him and do the death blow. If you want to fight him normally, I'd suggest deflecting over dodging, as his posture meter fills up real quick with consistence deflections.
On the miniboss selection Shikibu Yamauchi is listed twice.
What, he doesn’t grant the “Shinobi Execution” banner lol
I hit it with the mortal blade and it started jumping around, ended up ramming into a wall, filling it's posture meter instantly and stunning it, allowing for an easy deathblow.
I don't think that has anything to do with the mortal blade, pretty sure he does this when his vitality bar is low. Blazing bull does this too
its vitality was indeed pretty low when that happened
Just had a similar experience on ng+2. Started the fight with firecrackers and a thrust attack to the head, it ran straight into the wall.
Decent boss but... we need more lore theories. The blazing bull made sense as an experiment/desperate measure but this one seems a bit out of place. Is it a normal bull who drank the water and transformed? (same pale skin as the nobles) Are the branches imbued with the divine confetti effect? Was it to drive some apparitions away? (we can mention the shichimen warrior near the waterfall)
NG++ got 6596 exp without kuro's charm and a heavy coin purse.
There's a lot of stuff missing here so I'm going to write down what I know. The aerial deathblow does no damage to the Sakura Bull. Attacking the head seems to do much more damage than anywhere else. Guarding and even deflecting attacks deals chip damage. Divine Confetti is effective