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Did anyone notice how it kinda looks like Solaire?
Wtf were you smoking
Obviously he was drunk on estus and sunbro's positive vibes
It's grossly incandescent, just like our fellow Sunbro Solaire.
Praise the Sun
Hi, i got a challenge run (with the Dark Souls Challenge Run Generator) with "no consumable" but without "no healing", my question is i can heal only with the estus? or "no consumable" mean's "no healing"? thx in advice
I would say the Estus is a consumable. The 'no healing' applies to Bonfire rests, Sever (weapon), the Ring of Evil Eye, and Healing Miracles otherwise, so use those if in need of healing. I'm no expert, but that's how I would interpret it.
I hate how slow the Estus use. In the boss fights where I need it, it's just fast enough, after I get up, to sometimes let me heal before getting struck again. The Manus fight in particular really makes this annoyance paramount.



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Oh god, if you think it's slow in this game, please try dark souls 2 (without leveling up adaptability). You move slower than a one armed sloth.



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You have to dodge an attack most of the times to heal, Can't just pop a cold one and be done with it.
Sooooo going from 3 to remastered is a HUGE learning 3 I can get away from a hit as soon as I use an this game not so much
Yeah, slow af
DS1 is a very old, very slow game, and the Remaster did nothing to fix that. Every single challenge in DS1 isn't about personal skill or twitch-based speed and reaction times; it's ALL about learning the timing of every single move in the game, and memorizing every single ridiculous ambush/trap in the game's map of cramped hallways and narrow paths.
so in DaS Remastered does it still heal phantoms?
no, they have their own flasks
Ok so if you get all 7 fire keeper souls can you actually have your flask at +7 in regular new game or is +6 the max?
+6 is NG max as you need a live Fire Keeper to upgrade it
Why +7?? Why not +10?? I just went through a lot of trouble to get a couple fire keeper souls only to find out my flasks were maxed out
Because there are exactly 7 fire keeper souls in the game.
Yeah, I decided not to bother killing the Firekeepers before going into NG+ once I found out the cap was +7
There's a typo that says "Quelagg" instead of "Quelaag", which leads you to a non-existant page when you click it. Could anyone edit that?