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euuuh... is there not a princess to rescue ? where is she ?
You definitly not followed the story right?
you find her clothes in game, so ... she dead
I thought it was founded that the princess was a slave.(not the real princess) It kinda referenced it through the Thief's sub quest. She says she found the noble man but saw he was branded on his neck. The same as slaves. Then the Thief asks if you thought the same for the princess. If you answer yes then the Thief's quest would continue. If not, then you can't complete it. I think the real princess is still alive wherever shes from. And the slave was sent in case something bad were to happen.
another castle
I *****ing hope she isn't in another castle.
can you still get +NG with the salvation ending?
and the princess?
Pretty sure she's dead, I think that's where the aristocrat's set comes from. No evidence of this but that's my belief
I don’t think the princess ever existed and that the whole thing was planned to get you to the island
Is in another castle
It's the witch of the lake
If you go for the dominion ending, you're basically taking over the Nameless God's job, right? So you would gain their powers and by extension, control over the island. So theoretically, could you make the island a little nicer? Like a sanctuary of sorts, for people who drowned at sea.
technically it would also mean that, uh, you're killing yourself every time you go through the game and fight the nameless god, <__<;;
this could be a stretch, but i think along with the nameless god's power, the player also takes on his character; becoming ambitious and cruel.
I have a theory that this was the original purpose of the island, a safe haven for drowned sailors, but the being who rules over it is inevitably corrupted by their power and desire to attain a candlelit soul and become a true god. The Nameless God you fight wasn't the first, and he won't be the last if you take his place.
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Finally managed to get all endings to add pictures to this page
I would not really call one or the other a good end or bad end its just which you prefer. also not sure the trees are different looking trunk-wise but they do look dead and lack leaves
Yes, the cool thing is, the upside down branches from the dominator ending also represents roots. Pretty artistic