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If you cant solo this you have no right to keep playing the game. So many non pros play the game it makes me not want to play anymore. If you die just know everyone else is the group hates you.
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Holy***** are you *****ing kidding me. This fight is *****ing bull*****BULL*****Never in my 30 years of playing video games have I experienced such a massive ***** you to the player. This thing is literally unbeatable. Its attacks are super *****ing fast, impossible to dodge and stunlock you to death effortlessly. It can kill you in two *****ing hits and can jump out of the way of any attack with ease, and even if you do somehow manage to hit it GOOD LUCK because it has *****ing 200 million HP. Let's not forget the 5-10 constant enemy add-ons that **** you from all sides and through all orifices while you try to fight it. And if that garbage wasn't enough, it randomly shifts into rage mode which makes everything *****ing 2 times worse AND gains both a ramming attack that hits you even if you're behind it because *****ed up hitboxes somehow equal good game design, and an extra buttslam move with a shockwave that covers half the *****ing field. ***** this game and ***** the ******* who somehow convinced me it was worth anything at all.
As we say in the gaming world : Git Gud or Die Tryin'
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>I-It's not hard/ >I-It's artificial hard.../ kys
I haven't been able to beat it yet but the music keeps me fighting it lol