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one of the best weapons in the game.
twink gang 4 lyfe
I love how there is a thanos meme in the comments, implying that the game isn't entirely abandoned.
how do you kill centipede? you need another weapon right? and any suggestions for that?
Try something without fire damage if you can’t get that then hope soldier can do it or farm humanity to get shortcut from daughters of chaos
I turned the soul into Chaos Blade. And they called me a madman...
Is this sword any good against four kings in new game plus? I’ve tried everything and am having no luck
Why does it deal so much fire damage yet doesn’t scale with faith and intelligence
You’re new to the franchise huh. Fire/pyromancy doesn’t scale with faith or intel bud. Welcome
New to dark souls 1 maybe, chaos weapons and the Pyro glove do scale with int/faith in dark souls 3.
How come this sword got fire trails effects while greatlord gs doesn't gotta one? thx from soft very uncool