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Cancer: the ring.
Poster of the comment below here, let me just clarify, now that the salt is out with my original comment, why i think this ring is*****. The fact that there even exists a ring that has builds upon builds created around it is ridiculous, should be the first indication that something's wrong. It would be like having a Cloranthy Ring increase your stamina regen by 30% (current maximum is less than 3 times that i believe), or the Sun Princess Ring healing you at half the rate of an Estus chug. If any of those rings existed, people would scream and beg for them to be nerfed to oblivion. Rings are supposed to be accesories. Your main build is created around weapons, or even spells. Not rings with no stat requirement that can instakill almost any other player. Because, let's admit it, this item was created FOR PvP. Now comes the part where PvP tryhards complain about how it is out fault that we get parried. Listen, a normal parry, with a decent weapon and a logical build is already taking out like 2/3 of your health. Is that not punishment enough? In a duel you don't heal, so there's that. Over 50% of your health gone, now you can't use it for trading hits or hyper armor frames or nothing. Well apparently it's not enough, cause you have well over half the PvP community using a ring that turns a really punishing riposte into an instakill. Fun. Then you add the fact that some players either rush their way to the ring at low level or transfer it from other characters, just so they can destroy new players early on with a single riposte. Players that already are not on their skill level cause they just started the game or, even if they're veterans, have no PvP dedicated equipment. It adds even more insult to the injury when the hornet user starts using point down or throwing*****. Like, really? First of all, is it so hard being respectful, considering that you're already cheesing invasions? Secondly, a player that has barely any equipment, is playing with limitations to challenge themselves or is handicapping themselves for any reason is the one that has the right to mock PvP dedicated characters if they win. Not an instakilling hornet ring user spamming caestus parries. And lastly, players that WANT to get better playing PvP, learning how the playerbase thinks when it comes to duel, or even using the environment or enemies to weaken their prey, or you know, people that want to play fair PvP fights for the fun of it, even if they lose, have their fun ruined by this, basically equivalent of a child hoarding all the lollipops in the doctor's office while he makes fun of the other kids that have none type of player, cause losing makes them mad or get irritated at the idea of "I'm not always gonna win, that's not the point of this game". You're not always gonna win. Get over it. Please just keep in mind that this is not a comment posted out of saltiness or hatred or anything. I'm legit just amazed at the fact that this one item makes so many builds that end up in one shot kills, and part of the playerbase still defends it. It's not fun. It makes PvP not fun. It makes non parrying shields obsolete and unusable for many, and two handed builds much more rare. It has made greatshields almost non existant or viable in PvP. This game is all about variety, challenging yourself, imposing limitations to yourself to see how far you can get. Enjoy that.
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Git Gud: The Comment
Does anything else constitute a critical attack, say staggering or guard break?
Sure. A critical attack is either a parry + riposte, a backstab, a guard break +riposte or a large creature stagger + riposte
Is utilizing this ring while using a luck build viable? Or would the modifiers make it obsolete to say beating the hell out of someone instead
Depends on the weapon and if you're actually backstabbing or parrying frequently. If its a Dagger/Rapier with a decent Critical rate then I'd say go for it but otherwise the Hornet Ring isn't always worth it.