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Anyone having an issue getting investigation after the new ff event patch? Tried farming temp nergigante for 3 hours didn’t get a single investigation
If I reach the 250 cap on investigations what happens? Do I get no new ones or are old ones overwritten?
You must manually remove those quests by yourself, prefer the oldest one' s first.
Actually the old ones get replaced automatically by the new ones, the older ones being replaced first. You can lock any investigation you want by selecting them. In that way, even if old, it won't get replaced if selected.


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I've been farming rathian and capturing her in high rank in a lot of kinda ways that must help me get rubies but the rathian investigation just won't pop out in high rank
Remember to read all the tutorials. A lot of questions are being asked here that could have been answered by the tutorial notes. Save yourself the trouble of coming here, posting, and waiting for a reply by reading them.
"After completing the Land of Convergence quest, investigations can have Tempered targets." I started finding tempered target traces and unlocking their investigations after fighting Nergigante.
But because of the HR limit you won't be able to try any of them until after Land of Convergence as the lowest tempered tier has a HR requirement of 13
So, I have a tempered investigation for Odogaron. I've been following and farming footprints and even after 15 minutes I've not gotten a single investigation. Nothing. What's up?
Do you get multiple attempts for an investigation even if you complete it? Or do I just have a lot of the same quest
You will complete and investigation goes away but keep picking up tracks and it will come back again.