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Seemed like you can pretty much stand still at his feet in the 2nd phase and 90% of his attacks will miss. Very disappointing fight.
Well, you're not actually wrong... the only times you need to move away from him are when he lifts his sword up/holds it to his chest to do an AoE
Think of Oceiros. Now picture this: Ocelot was turned into a pie. This means Oceiros would be pi (3.14....) times more furious if you ate the Ocelot pie. This is Ludwig. And he will f*** you up if you're too slow from being too fat from eating too much goddamn pie.
dont know about yall, but usually whenever i fight him 1st phase, i just let him trash valtr a bit, and charge attack him with the boom hammer, i sometimes decide "Eh ill use a faster weapon this time around". thing is, i ALWAYS beat his first phase, to the point where I RANDOMLY CHANGE WEAPONS in the middle of the fight for*****s and giggles, lowers of being only +3 weapons. his 2nd phase, for whatever reason, is much harder for me. i often let him trash valtr again, and when i know hes gonna stop swinging, go up front and attack him with either the saw cleaver (which is +3 lmao no wonder i succ) or the beast cutter, hoping to stagger him. ofc i often try to draw his attention so valtr can heal, and i try to have his full attention the moment i see valtr isnt healing any more. in the end most of the times i die cause of greed, im all like "omg hes so LOW, gonna end it finally" and rush. and die. though i love everything about him, and some times when RNGeesus helps me, i find his fight EASY. is this normal for a bl 54? or did i just fail THAT MUCH??
horse but hole
The entire horse
I'd constantly been hearing things about how his second stage (sword) was so much harder than his first stage (beast), and yet his 1st stage kicked my *** probably around 10 times, sometimes before I could even land a single hit, but I beat his 2nd stage on my first try after reaching it.
You are actually *****ing stupid. Almost every *****ing attack this piece of***** absolutely terribly designed boss for single player hits you directly underneath of him. He never gives you time to blood vial after taking damage, he is the most aggressive boss in the entire game. His move set is too *****ing long range and wide swinging to be even remotely fair. He hits every *****ing combo at least once whether you dodge left, right, forwards, back, into the attack, or away from it. It is so terribly designed that it ruins the whole *****ing game. His health isnt bad, it's a boss. It's the fact that you can not get enough attacks in without dying because he is constantly up your *** *****ing it dry without any *****ing lube. There are plenty of windows to get one or two attacks in, but he closes it, beats the***** out of you, and you've now wasted all of your valuable time on this *****ing earth because you're back at square one. No one plays this *****ing game anymore so co OP isn't an option, and the ai is so *****ing stupid that it's a waste of insight, time, and increases the difficulty by giving him even more health. Your guide is outdated and no longer relevant because this boss is broken beyond tolerance and this whole *****ing game is dead.
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Wow you are straight garbage. Bloodborne will never be dead. The game is clearly beyond your scope. Git Gud Nub!
Bro, you do realize alot of people beat Ludwig at base level, base weapon and hitless right? Let that sink in.....
Beat him first try, I'm BL81. It was indeed challenging but still. I had a harder time with Mergo's Wet Nurse
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Well, at least you're comment is famous XD
I really hope this is a joke. I’m terrible at the game and he was my fourth boss using a +4 tree cutter with just enough stats to wield it. If you really need help there’s two NPC summons that can basically take him down without your help
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Lol. Out of 4 playthroughs, he’s only killed me twice. Git Gud, OP.
Yeah, no. You just suck at video games. Also, way to upvote yourself twice. Stay classy bro.
This guy knows how to keep the ***** from drying
"he is the most aggressive boss in the entire game" Orphan of Kos: ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT
DUST514GOD612 (my psn). need some help with this ***** trying a new build and hes the only boss so far to give me significant trouble.
The key to win is to be even more aggresive than him. Keep close constantly and attack, attack, attack. There is nothing better for this fight than the old good Saw Cleaver with some fire paper.
Ludwig sword in its simple form+Fire paper+Valtr+constant attack+dodge moonlight sweeps to the left or right+back step 3-4 times when he raises his sword= dead Ludwig. Dont bother with viscerals when he falls, just keep smashing him. This setup helped me a lot,he didnt even got to his 4rd phase, dont know if he did get to his 3rd phase, i just kept smashing him and dodging and in the and of the fight i had still 13 vials left, and Valtr had half still half of his life. Good luck:)