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Um not to be that guy but I don’t think that’s the picture of the right sword.
i think it's the one from ivory kings soul on the pic
*****swrod! Claymore 1000x better! The human who created this sword should be in jail for life!


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Who hurt you?
Ah yes, because someone that made an item in a game deserves to have their entire life ruined because you're upset about something they designed.
At lower to moderate levels it's a great choice. But at much higher/maxed out levels, it is quite under-powered compared to other greatswords such as the Black Knight Greatsword. At 99/99 str/dex, 99 faith, a Heide Knight Sword infused with lightning does almost as much damage and because it's a straight sword, swings much faster and is capable of outputting an insane amount of damage compared to the Loyce. The lower amount of poise damage of the HKS can be offset with the stone ring.