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Bout to not touch any guns and just treat this as what everyone keeps comparing it to.
You have to learn to use a combination of melee and guns. Especially switching from DPS to Heavy Damage Guns
There's a spear as well, someone in my game as I'm typing this has it. Tried finding it on here but nada.
The spear can be found in the same world as the satyr enemies, you buy the spear from a vendor if i'm not wrong.
theres a spear to be got from the mauler boss we staggered his *** hard and while he was close to death one of the team pulled the spear out of his back.
Voice of the tempest - Spear (lighting shock - 55% chance to apply overloaded for 20 seconds, 100% chance with charged attack) Guardian Axe - Each hit generates 100% mod power for weapon mobs that are equipped on both firearms Smolder - 55% chance to apply burning for 240 fire damage of 10 seconds (100% with charged attack)
If I recall, smolder is from breaking the tail during the fight with singe (dragon on earth) Voice of the tempest, I believe was alternate reward for the totem keeper