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Am i the only one is bugged at this quest??? The CORE always get the first turn,i have no chance at all,sigh
Maybe not bugged. Maybe you just have super low initiative?
I am not sure what consequences are from denouncing my god? I just did at the altar of Xantezza and not sure if this was the right decision....


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Comment back with the info :)


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Very easy area if you using high level scoundrel with lockpicking ability. Basically at scoundrel skill 8, the character can cover up to third of the distance to the core with 0 AP. Afterwards it's cloak and dagger and few more steps. It's even preferable to go from the far door as the scoundrel can jump further from the high ground (stairs).
Outlaw tags let you get into the ruby too, at least in Definitive Edition. You just threaten the crystal and it lets you in.
For some reason after using outlaw tags dialogue options and getting into the dimension, my character wasn't slowed at all. Still didn't get it upon exiting and re-entering. Very strange.
I hung onto the ruby until I got to Arx in the DE, and it won't allow me to use it now. There's an option to grasp the gem but it does nothing. So if you wanna do this, you'd better use it in that act.
Usually try to figure things out myself, but FUHUHUHUUUUUUK the slow***** got old quick. 0/10 quest
You can just go on a pipe run behind where you first enter and teleport someone right onto the core and skip literally all the shenanigans. Also there’s a chest with good loot back there.